Post-Graduate Elective

Elective offerings are constantly changing. Depending on the semester, some electives will restrict the number of enrolments allowed, or only enrol students from specific programs. Once a course is full you can not enrol, so you should enrol in your chosen elective as soon as possible.

This is an updated list of the electives that are most relevant to Master of Media students. To make sure the elective suits you, read the most recent guide for the course:

College: Design and Social Context

  • LANG1259 EAP (English for Master of Media)
    This course is specifically designed for students from the following post graduate degrees: Master of Media, Master of Communication, and Master of Advertising. This course will provide real-time assistance with your other course assessments. It will develop your skills in academic writing (essay, report writing and literature review), tutorial presentations (using spoken English to present information), critical thinking, and conducting research including paraphrasing and referencing (citation). For more information about this elective, please read the elective flyer.
    Please note, you may choose to do this elective instead of Contemporary Media Work Practices (COMM2532) or Story, Genre and Medium (COMM2530) in the first week of your first semester, so that you start the program with a strong grasp of academic writing and speaking. You can then enrol in COMM2532 or COMM2530 in your second semester. 
    Note that if you don’t enrol in this elective, your tutors will assume that you are confident with academic writing and speaking, and will mark your work accordingly. Be aware that the quality and volume of academic writing and speaking required of you as you progress through this degree will increase with each semester!

  • If you are interested in a language elective other than English you should contact the course coordinator to make sure you have the required skills and knowledge. LANG1067 Chinese 1, LANG1169 Japanese 1, LANG1177 Spanish 1, LANG1290 Chinese Through Drama.

Program: MC188 Master of Media

Program: MC248 Master of Communication

Program: MC249 Master of Advertising

Program: MC262 Master of Writing & Publishing

Program: MC245 Master of Design Futures (online only)

College: Business

RMIT University: Postgraduate Electives Page

You can also choose any of the postgraduate courses on the Student Electives page (specify Level of Study: Postgraduate on the search page). Check this page frequently, as many electives don't appear until a month or so before they are scheduled to run.

If you can’t find a suitable elective when enrolling, please contact Patrick Kelly (  

Trouble enrolling in your chosen elective?

  • Contact the course coordinator (listed on the course guide) to confirm the course is offered as an elective in your chosen semester.

  • Submit a service request by selecting 'Academic Assistance' via the RMIT Connect Student Portal. The RMIT Connect Service Portal can also be accessed via your myRMIT page.

  • During business hours, call the media admin team (9925 2417) or visit them on campus (building 9, level 5, wall phone x52417)