A full-time student's standard path through the MC188 program

A full-time student's standard path through the MC188 program



Note that all our courses run twice a year, so students can begin the program in either March or July and follow the same plan:

Year 1 Semester 1

Year 1 Semester 2

Year 2 Semester 1

Year 2 Semester 2




COMM2530 Story, Genre and Medium

  • Develop skills in scriptwriting for multiple modes of media delivery.

  • Analyse a variety of media genres and develop your own genre interests.

  • Develop a treatment for a fiction project as well as a non-fiction project.

COMM2532 Contemporary Media Work Practices

  • Learn production tools and techniques for online media.

  • Establish your online presence and networked fluency.

  • Develop your social media presence, both as a tool for your career and for publishing and promoting media projects.

  • Develop a small online production by applying the skills developed in this course and COMM2530 Sound and Image.

COMM2682 Sound and Image

  • Learn production practices for fiction and non-fiction projects.

  • Produce a variety of teacher-specified production exercises and small projects.

  • Engage in iterative activity and reflection, as you hone your skills and repeat techniques in different contexts, to experience different outcomes.



Post-Graduate Elective

This post-graduate elective lets you:

COMM2533 Post-Industrial Media

  • Further develop production and distribution techniques for online media learnt in COMM2532 Contemporary Media Work Practices.

  • Research the aesthetic, technical, and/or theoretical aspects of online storytelling.

  • Produce, publish and distribute a short online media narrative as part of your research.

  • Broaden your social media presence and practice advanced social media strategies.

COMM2680 Collaborative Media Project

  • Develop your collaboration and production skills as you plan and make a fiction or non-fiction project.

  • Projects will be designed by students within the course in collaboration with leading industry practitioners. Projects may also be commissioned by industry partners.



COMM2539 International Media Collaboration

  • Develop cross-cultural and global communications skills by participating in a partnered media project with an international industry partner or students from an international university.

  • You may collaborate virtually from your base in Melbourne or travel to another country to work on location.

COMM2681 Media Career Development

  • Develop your online profile with an online portfolio, CV and professional social media presence.

  • Establish links with media organisations, companies, and other collaborators through networking activities.

  • Conduct research about a specific skill or industry issue.

  • Plan an entrepreneurial project or write a business plan for yourself as a sole trader.

  • Progress your career direction through a work placement or internship.

COMM2540 New Directions in Narrative

  • Design a major collaborative media project for multi-platform delivery.

  • Form project groups in which you will undertake major pre-production tasks.

  • Commence the pre-production phase of your project prior to COMM2683 Strategic Media Project in which you will shoot, edit and publish your project.

GRAP2627 Research Methods for Design & Digital Media (S1 class no. 3640 / S2 class no. 3522)

  • Design a major research project based on an identified issue or interest derived from either COMM2681 Media Career Development, or COMM2540 New Directions in Narrative.

  • Develop a research proposal and research methodology.

  • Pass the research proposal in order to progress to the completion of the research project in COMM2663 Professional Research Project.



COMM2683 Strategic Media Project

Complete the major collaborative media project that you planned in COMM2540 New Directions in Narrative.

COMM2786 Professional Research Project

Complete the major research project that you proposed in GRAP2627 Research Methods for Design and Digital Media.