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An eclectic mix of Bollywood blockbusters, indie & cross-over films, alternate cinema and regional movies were screened at this year’s RMIT Indian Film Festival. Dr Vikrant Kishore, the festival director and Master of Media lecturer, chose the festival theme ‘Indian Stories, Australian Screens’. The festival provided exciting opportunities to discuss issues of developing and creating content, funding and distribution through traditional as well as new media outlets in India and Australia. Spread over four days, 21 films were screened along with music & dance performances, a conference and Q&A session with filmmakers. The festival was hosted by RMIT’s Centre for Communication, Politics and Culture.

Indian stories, Australian screen: film festival and conference

Indian Stories, Australian Screens 2016 - Conference & Film Festival!

RMIT initiates Indian Film Festival and Conference

RMIT Indian Film Festival, truly a box-office hit

Indian stories, Australian screen - RMIT Indian Film festival to Kickstart from 1st December!