Post-Industrial Media

Most Marketable Pilot: Natalia Chernaya and Christine Gjelstrup for BAESOP

Hon. mention/s: Jemma Douglas and Andy Cifuentes for The Almost Impossible Love Story of Ellen Rodrigues and Steve Finders

Contemporary Media Work Practices

Best Digital Story: Jemma Douglas, Catherine Hall & Chad O'Brien, for their site Panopticon
Hon. mention/s: Michael Davoren, Elaine Doyle, William Logan, for their site Women in Comedy

Collaborative Media Project

Most Effective Collaboration: Katie Graham, Gemma (Mingyang Qian) and Ashlee (Fanying Ning) for Gordon

International Media Collaboration

Most Professional Client Project: Calum Alexander, Norah Aljebreen, and Thalatassuroury Bin Sulaiman for ANZ Saver Plus

New Directions in Narrative

Best blog: Jason Cheetham

Hon. mention/s: Nan Chen, Ting Ni, and Melissa White 

Sound and Image

Excellence in Reflective Practice and Production: Connor Callaway and Michael Davoren,
Hon. mention/s: Longyao (Blackie) Zhang, Chad O'Brien, Benjamin Roche and Catherine Hall

Story, Genre and Medium

Best Proposal: Catherine Hall for 'The Book of Quentin'. Hon. mention/s: Zoya Adeyi for 'Krown' and Michael Davoren for ‘Out to Sea’

Strategic Media Project

Best Final Project: Federica Fichera, Makara Vorn, Priyankar Ray, Annette Omondi, and Ksenia Fedotova

Most Innovative Project: Andrew Dunstan

Hon. mentions: Nicholas Chan and Stella Pongsitanan

Professional Research Project

Excellence in Practice-based Research: Federica Fichera

Hon. mention/s: Nicholas Chan