Contemporary Media Work Practices

Course prize for Innovative Project Promotion online/offline: Sandi Prasetyaningsih, Minh Ha, Chao Fu (Lynn), and Carlos Andres Cifuentes, for their site Coffee RMIT
Hon. mention/s: Christine Gjelstrup, Vanessa Crouch, Katherine Graham, Natalia Chernaya, for their site Outcasting

Sound and Image

Course prize for Excellence in Reflective Practice and Production: Enisa Muranovic & Natalia Chernaya
Hon. mention/s: Christine Gjelstrup & Katherine Graham

Story, Genre and Medium

Course prize for Best Fiction or Nonfiction Proposal: Eleanor Porter for 'Cabal'. Hon. mention/s: Minh Quang Ha for 'The Teachers'

Post-Industrial Media

Course prize for most viable pilot: Rebecca Small, Ting Ni, Zhuoying Yang for 'Abby Tries Dating'
Hon. mention/s: 'Angela's Kitchen', 'Another One Bites the Crust', 'Melbourne in Moving Images', 'Murder Mansion'

International Media Collaboration

Course prize for Xian Zhang (Miro), Zhengxiong Ning (Lyn), Yutong Huo (Hannah), Ksenia Fedotova (KC), Pan Xiong (Wing), Xiaotao Bian (Bessy), and Hong Nhung Nguyen for Best Client based project: The Golden Fish

Hon. mention/s: Nan (Mona) Wang, Ding (Rachel) Yu, Xiaoqing (Jacinta) Zheng, Ming (Bruce) Yang, Zixin (Shena) Wangfor Dok Champa on the Bowl.

New Directions in Narrative

Course prize for Best blog: Andrew Dunstan; Hon. mention/s: Federica Fichera

Strategic Media Project

Course prize for Innovative Project: Abdullah Maghram & Xiaotao Bian for New Academic Street

Course prize for Best Podcast: Eugene Yang & Megan Brewer for Cordova

Course prize for Best Fiction: Shiyuan Zhu, Chenxu Wang, Xiaohua Xie, Han Jin, Apinun Julthong for Grandmother

Professional Research Project

Course prize for Excellence in Practice-based Research: Fiona O'Connell for "Unbalanced: representing working mothers in Australian feature film 2000-2017".

Hon. mention/s: Calum Alexander for "Significant Moments in the Multi-camera Sitcom"

Hon. mention/s: Eugene Yang for "Speak Up: treatment and exegesis for a feature length horror film"