Thanks to Mitu Bhowmick Lange, for coming to the mid-year Master of Media screening.

Mitu is the founder and director of the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, and the director of Mind Blowing Films, a film production and distribution company that specialises in the distribution of Indian films throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Mitu was kind enough to give out our course awards to our graduating students. Here is the full list of our course award winners:

Strategic Media Project Course Award for Best Documentary: Hsham Aburghif and Anagha Saggar for Eden Again

Strategic Media Project Course Award for Best Online Fiction Project: Jixian Ma, Yachen Zhang and Yihui Kong For Love Isolator

Strategic Media Project Course Award for Best Web Series: David Buckley-Jones, Brian Oti, Kim Williams and Adil Hasan For Where

Contemporary Media Work Practices Course Award for Innovative Social Media Promotion
Nan Chen, Nga Yu Law, Zhenyu Ding, and Zhuoying Yang for their Let's Be Friends photonovel
Honourable mentions: Jason Cheetham, Lise Othelie Andreassen, Zemine Lee, and Nonhlanhla Bulle For Fair To Wear - a story about the Fairtrade fashion industry

Sound and Image Course Award for Excellence in Reflective Practice: Rebecca Small and Nada Almofadda
Honourable mentions: Jason Cheetham and Pooya Sadeghianvarian

Story, Genre and Medium Course Award for Best Fiction or Nonfiction Proposal: Pooya Sadeghi Anvarian
Honourable mentions: Dylan Hartnett, Zemine Lee, Christina Stenseth and Evan Rowe

Post-Industrial Media Course Award for Best Social Media Campaign: Annette Omondi, Makara Vorn and Yiying ZhangFor Recycle Right, Make The Future Bright

Collaborative Media Project Course Award for Excellence in Collaboration: Ksenia Fedotova, Pryankar Ray, Nick Chan, Annette Omondi, Nhung Nguyen, and Federica Fichera

International Media Collaboration
Honourable mentions: Cameron Power and Liang Yue For 'Kabanji - Nyungwarra'
Honourable mentions: Abdullah Maghram, (Kayla) Mingzi Gao, and (Stacy) Xiaohua Xie For Tabet's Bakery VR Experience
Honourable mentions: Shiyuan Zhu, Vanessa Wang, Han Jin (Quentin), and Julian Grant for 'Japan - Kimono & Culture'

New Directions in Narrative Course Award for Best Digital Narrative Proposal: Renee Peterson
Honourable mentions: Calum Alexander and Thalatassuroury Bin Sulaiman

Media Career Development Course Award for Distinguished Engagement with Industry: Megan Brewer
Honourable mention: Vivi Octaviani

Professional Research Project Course Award for Outstanding Creative Research: Kim Williams
Honourable mentions: David Buckley-Jones, Brian Oti, Hsham Aburghif, and Laura Lu Xie