Post-Industrial Media

The award for Most Marketable Pilot goes to Samphors Vicheka Ty, David Carlo Marasco, Chalitha Weerakkody & Longyao Zhang for their web series pilot Kitty Punchers. The pilot demonstrates great character development, hilarious scripting, direction and attention to detail.

An Honourable Mention goes to Catherine Hall, Chad O’Brien & Enisa Muranovic for Touched Off. This web series pilot episode is a comedic homage to Melbourne’s under cover ticket inspectors.

Contemporary Media Work Practices

The award for Outstanding Digital Story and for building an online community with immediate impact goes to Pasha Nielsen, Samphors Vicheka Ty & Kay Pe Singh for their blog Endo Talk.

An Honourable Mention for exploring a topic that is completely out of their comfort zone goes to the Digi Dames (Zexi Liu, Veronica Ong & Janine Rainbow) for their site Melbourne Street Art.

Strategic Media Project

The award for Best Final Project goes to Ting Ni for her short documentary Mika Yamasaki

The award for Best Innovative Project goes to Christina Larsen Stenseth, Harish Adhithya Lakshminarayanan, Edward Paul Kachappilly and Lise Othelie Andreassen for their short film Positive

Honourable Mentions go to Nga Yu Law, Yang Jiang, and Zhuoying Yan and to Rebecca Small and Jason Cheetham.

Collaborative Media Project

The award for Best Project goes to Chalitha Weerakkody, Yihang Quan and Bai Zihua for Yarra's Dream, an animation that will be screened at Federation Square in the coming months. 

An Honourable Mention goes to Catherine Hall , Josh Fielding , Michael Davoren for their film Reflections which will also be screened at Federation Square

Sound and Image

The award for Excellence in Editing and Reflective Writing goes to Sophie MacGillivray

Story, Genre and Medium

The award for Best Proposal goes to Mirka Sulander with an Honourable Mention to Vicente Miguel Locsin

International Media Collaboration

The award for Most Professional Engagement goes to Jemma Douglas and Chad O'Brien

New Directions in Narrative

The award for Best Electronic Proof of Concept goes to Minh Quang Ha, Yahui Liu, Fanying Ning and Sandi Prasetyaningsih

An Honourable Mention goes to Ian Yorski and Natalia Chernaya

Media Career Development

The award for Excellence in Professional Development goes to Natalia Chernaya

Professional Research Project

The award for Excellence in Practice-Based Research goes to Andrew Dunstan with an Honourable Mentions to Nada Almofadda